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As a Mental Health Training and Wellbeing Company, we are resolute in our commitment to offer top-tier mental health services and wellness initiatives to both individuals and businesses within our cherished local community. With an exceptional team of experienced mental health professionals and wellness experts, we stand at the forefront of promoting mental health awareness, fostering a culture of compassion, and understanding. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate individuals and enterprises in attaining unparalleled mental health and wellness.

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Mental Health Consultant & Creative Systemic Therapist

Janelle uses sociometry and experiential activities to engage her audience to create movement and change within their particular social spaces. She is committed to facilitating training and webinars in mental health and optimal performance for redefining Corporate Spaces, businesses and families.

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Food Can Impact Mental Health

Food Can Impact Mental Health

January 25, 20222 min read


Our relationship with food must shift from just ‘tasting good’ to ‘how will this particular substance I eat or drink impact the way I think or my mood for the day’.

This is the view of Janelle Chase-Mayers, Mental Health Consultant and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. During a recent webinar she hosted recently titled ‘Understanding Nutrition and Mental Health’, Chase-Mayers highlighted the fact that food had the ability to impact our mental health.

“When we can begin teaching that food is fuel for performance and it’s designed to make us perform tasks such as growth, healing, thinking, feeling, sleeping, to increase energy or slow us down or even to lower our inhibitions, only then will we understand the importance role food will play in our mental health,” she said.

“Every decision we make about food starts from the brain and we need to start eating foods for our brain and I wanted to have an in depth conversation about mental health and nutrition.” She expressed that mental health was more than just mental disorders and mental disease and unfortunately, she noted that not many of us were aware of how food had the ability to impact our mental health.

She encouraged persons to keep a food diary and make a record on whether or not the foods they ate elicited anger or joy, or energy or lethargy.

“Because when we can start making a decision surrounding a food, we can say look, when I eat this particular food, I feel better or I have more energy or I feel slow and low energy, you have to be mindful of those particular things,” she said.

Chase-Mayers also spoke about the importance of supplementing and encouraged persons to pay more attention to the best vitamins and minerals that are needed for health. She noted that when persons are on a journey about improving their mental health, one thing that they needed to be aware of was how the food improved their well-being and health.

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“Powerful experience! I attended this retreat with hopes of having a reset in my life and to learn tools to integrate self-care in my everyday routine, and I walked away with so much more. Janelle is great at creating a space that makes you feel safe, heard and comfortable to be vulnerable as you peel back layers, audit your life and make a plan for a better you. ”

Joycelyn Alleyne,

Entrepreneur & Founder of @thegrowthstudiobb

What can I say about Dr. Jay? (or as I affectionately call her Boss Lady). Dr. Jay is a giant in her field, with a true passion to assist others. Whether you are a client or student, Dr. Jay is willing to invest in you to see you reach your full potential.

Ryan Celius,

Social Worker

The Mastermind group was a game changer for me this year. It gave me the structure I needed to start chipping away at my goals and for the first time I truly felt like I had a game plan to actually achieve the things I set out to do.


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