A variety of services and programs designed
to create solutions to any challenges.

One On One Individual
Session (Virtual)

A virtual session designed to help
the individuals audit challenges.


Mental Health Support

Adolescent session are designed to explore and bring awareness to youth challenges & the connection family, school and community.

Athlete Mindset Performance Training

A training program that focuses in building cognitive and mental skills to help athlete thrive.

Men's Mental Health Coaching

One on One & group sessions are used to help clients deal with their challenges in a safe
non-judgmental environment.

Women's Mental Health Coaching

One on one & group sessions are used to help clients deal with their challenges in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Family and Senior Mental Health Support

A group that focuses on
growth with support for families and seniors and each group's unique challenges.

Grief Recovery Training and Support

Sessions the use psycho-educational strategies of the Grief Recovery Institute

Mental Health

A brief Introduction on how Mental Health impacts the individuals and teams within the workspace.

Reengineering Mental Clarity for Mental Health Professionals

A program geared towards elevating the mental health professional through providing evidenced based self-care strategies.

Educational Partnership


Our Educational Partnership Training equips schools, educators, and students with tools to prioritize mental health and well-being.